Friday, 10 December 2010

Sustainability and Global Tree Care

Knowing what little I know, i have formed basic opinions of this industry we work in from reading articles, journals, parts of my course etc etc etc and is it a case of ignorance is bliss?

I've been reading parts of the UK Forestry Standard and its got me thinking about sustainability and how trees are intrinsically linked with global sustainability. Tree work for the global good is an interesting view basically stating that forestry and arb industry (the fact we are responsible for the day to day care of trees forests and woodlands) is charged with the responsibility of protecting the interests of the planet. This is indeed a high charge, however, succeeding in this requires (IMO) changes from the ground up. Our industry would have to meet these global needs by excelling in our duty of care and operating sustainable and responsible practices.

I know that forestry and arb are in theory two different industries with forestry producing timber for mainly commercial markets where as arb is, well arb! but both can learn from each other in my opinion to increase profitability and sustainability e.g not sending arisings to landfill, using the chip for mulches, biomass etc, wood carvings on site (if appropriate), firewood, fencing, habitat piles, ecology and conservation.

I think we need to consider the economic, social and environmental factors of everything we do.

I'm only discussing MY opinions on this as today (and yesterday) we've been to a job on a council estate. The job is to take down a large (55-60ft) ash which is probably over a hundred years old. Now the couple who want the tree down live in a privately owned ex council house they bought 9 years ago. The tree in question is in the back garden of their next door neighbours house which is still council owned and rented out. They been trying (apparently) for the past 8 years to get the tree removed? Why, i hear you ask? Because the tree blocks light to their garden in the summer when they are hosting barbeques!!! When they bought the house was the tree not there already??
Anyway my point is this tree is, sorry was, healthy, sustained life other than that of itself, was a nice feature in a back garden that could cope with the size of it and in my opinion was doing nothing wrong, yet the housing assc and the TO have given in to the couple and the tree is being removed without anything being planted in return... where is the sustainability in that?? Is it really a case of ignorance is bliss or do the masses need educating or am I just on a one man mission to nowhere..

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