Sunday, 5 December 2010


As time goes on I hope to add more and more pictures of everything I do (well it is arbography isn't it!!) at the moment i'm using my faithful ole camera phone which gets OK pics.  I have however just invested in a beginners DSLR so i'm hoping my pictures improve vastly over time.

I suppose I should start by showin the very first tree I climbed as a qualified arborist.  It's probably best easiest to start fresh with the photos as my back catalogue is huge. I may post from it once in a while but I want to look forward.

This tree is the ladder oak at Myerscough College (a term coined by the staff there as it literally is like a ladder to climb).  A really good climb for people with all skills and a good view from the top.  Its been a while since I did this but remember it well.

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